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What if you witnessed a shy seven-year-old little girl, blonde hair with the bluest eyes, dragged down a long path, screaming and crying, as she tried to pull away from her mother who was telling her she was putting her in the home at the end of the path for bad little girls?

Looking back down the path to the road, through blurry eyes, tears streaming down her face, while trying to catch her breath the little girl sees her daddy in the car, not looking her way. She feels so alone and terrified, not understanding what she had done and why her mommy doesn’t love her.

Begging and pleading, her wrists sore and bruising from her mother’s grip, they stop. She gets one more chance to be the little girl her mommy wants her to be. She is too young to know that her mommy suffers from mental illness.

They return home and the little girl continues to accept the daily physical abuse, the emotional abuse verbally of what a terrible creature her mommy got stuck with, and the lack of sleep, hiding in her closet at night instead of sleeping in her bed, always vigilant, waiting for her mommy to enter the room screaming and drag her across the floor, beating her for something she did wrong earlier in the day—or worse

* * *

This is how many children live, day-in and day-out, with constant fear for their lives, but they never run away because this is all they know. This, to them, is a sick kind of love they learn to accept. We, as adults, know that this is not love at all. This is extreme child abuse. But abuse is when someone in power uses any weapon, including fists, feet, etc. to harm a child. And the worst is one’s tongue, which can leave the deepest, most lasting invisible scars that no one else sees.

As you might have guessed, this blog is about child abuse—in homes, in schools, and in the school yards where it’s called bullying. Bully’s target these kind of children because they can pick them out right away. Some are full of fear–usually shy, tired-looking, flinch or jump away when a hand is raised, and very much a loner, or they go the other way and they are the bullies and very good at it since they witness it first hand at home. Yes, sometimes he/she has a mental health issue or anger issues, but many of them come from the same type of home life, grow up and they have the power. Who gave them that power? Their abuser.

I’m hitting on a few topics here, but feel it’s necessary to mention that in the case above, the woman has a mental illness, so perhaps she can’t help the sudden violent person she becomes throughout the course of a day and night. Yet, she has a husband and other family. Why do they allow her to harm this child over and over again? People need to speak up about mental illness in others. We have viewed the horrific scenes of mass killings in this country and many times the person has a mental illness that had been either pushed aside out of fear of the family being judged or was diagnosed, but the medication was not being taken or no treatment was given. However, we will leave this subject for another blog, although many of my blogs will, in some way, address mental illness.

I would love to hear what you, the reader, think.  Feel free to like, comment or give your opinion here.


Have a great day, stay safe, and hug your children.



National: http://www.crisistextline.org/textline/?gclid=CjwKEAjw8Jy8BRCE0pOC9qzRhkMSJABC1pvJKtBDAslgqqkTcfidT6OX5Vf22xU9X6kDJMIgJh_L_hoCOUjw_wcB   If you page down, there’s a long list of other help as well.


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