Secrets & Lies Change Lives


Back on the steep climb, Dana studied the map while Nick concentrated on the narrow path. As they crept around the mountain, the view of boats on the water with beautiful cottages behind left Dana with a peaceful feeling. Continuing on, they stopped for a minute at Beaver Dam Pond where they watched the river otters. The soothing sound of songbirds traveled with the wind. Fortunate to get a great photo of two deer further up, they came upon a bald eagle taken off guard.

Next, they crept along Highseas, where the lone cottage on the island drew Nick’s attention. When he pointed it out to Dana, she searched in her canvas bag for a publication she had purchased during her last trip to Bar Harbor, Maine, with Charlie [her son].

From “The Park Loop Road Guide”, she read: “High Seas is the only “cottage” on this section of the island to survive destruction by the fire of 1947. It was built in 1912 by Princeton Professor Rudolph Brunnow for his bride-to-be. Unfortunately, she was traveling to this country on the “Titanic” and was lost at sea. Professor Brunnow continued to summer in the cottage, and it was he who laid out the Precipice Trail up Champlain Mountain. Ironically, Professor Brunnow fell while climbing and later died of complications from the accident” (Thayer, 1999).

“Wow, talk about bad luck,” Nick commented as they traveled further up the path. “A warm love story turned cold.”

Dana hoped that wasn’t a bad omen. Silence filled the car as they continued up the trail.

* * *

Constantly living in fear for our lives and those around us is never a good way to live. Everything in our lives will be questioned. We become jumpy, always on edge waiting for the next attack or tragic phone call, while looking over our shoulder everywhere we go. Then there’s the medication for anxiety that we carry, since we do not know what we will be confronted with at any given time.

This is how my protagonist character, Dana, lives day-to-day in my book, Web of Destruction. So why do this? Why keep part of one’s life secret from those around them? In Dana’s case, she truly believes she is protecting those she loves. But, is she? You would have to read the book to find out, of course. I will tell you, though, it’s not a healthy way to live, and we really cannot protect others around us by keeping secrets. If anything, secrets and lies cause turmoil and sometimes death to the innocent.

One of the biggest problems with keeping secrets, especially in families, is that the effects many times trickle down to other generations: children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on. We all like to think we have a right to our own decisions in life and other people just want to interfere. But if someone loves us, they may be hurt by those decisions through the secrets we keep. Often, our decisions have the ability to change the direction of ‘their’ lives at some point along their journey—and not always for the better, especially if they are kept in the dark. We (the next generation) have to find a way to live that life created by poor choices from those who lived before us and make the best of it.

If you decide to read my book, you will understand how important what I’m writing is to our survival as healthy families. Yes, it is mostly fiction, entertaining, full of suspense and moves quickly, so take a seat and buckle your belts.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on this subject, or stories of how secrets and/or lies have affected you and/or your family.

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Cite: Thayer, R. A. (1999). The Park Look Road: a Guide to Acadia National Park’s Scenic Byway. Down East Books, Camden, ME, pg. 21


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