Bystander Witnessing


Looks like I’m writing a Sequel to Web of Destruction, as my readers have convinced me I should. But, I would like to blog about issues that encourage me to write my novels and how important decisions, secrets kept, and crime toward us who lack awareness of our surroundings and are sometimes too trusting, affect not only the victims but entire families, even through generations. There are so many issues in the world today that I am passionate about, and perhaps you are too. So, please feel free to comment or tell your story below. I would love to hear your opinion—as we are all entitled to one!

We’ll start with something light in comparison to crime since all survived this. My adult daughter and I witnessed a car accident recently. There was a car (#1) at the corner waiting for the light to turn green, a van (#2) was in back of it and then our car (#3). When the light changed the first car took off across the main intersection, but before the van could cross that intersection, another car came speeding from the left and ran into the van. Right in front of our car, the van, full of people, flew up in the air and came down hitting the ground with force, landing upside down.

As soon as it landed, my daughter jumped from the driver’s seat of our car and yelled for me to stay in the car with her baby who was in the back. My daughter ran to the van and tried to find a way to get the people out. Later, she said they were upside down but fortunately had seat belts on, which is probably what saved them. While she tried to get to them, people stood along the sidewalks watching, some taking photos. As drivers slowed down and eyed the scene, they proceeded by going around them instead of stopping. Finally, a gentleman quickly pulled over and ran over to my daughter and the van. All the windows had been broken by the crash landing, so he helped my daughter get each person out up through the sunroof, which was not so easy with their injuries.

All six of the people (three children maybe 9 to 14) survived with minor injuries, one a broken leg. By the time they were all out and sitting on the curb, the ambulance and police arrived to take care of them. My daughter returned to our car, quite shaken. It was terrifying. But, what about the people who froze instead? What causes some to react immediately without even thinking about it and others to freeze up?

I understand why in some instances people are afraid to get involved because of being harmed themselves. For instance, in a situation where someone is shooting people. Calling the police would be the first thing to do and not assume someone else has already done that. But, would you have stepped in and tried to help this family? Why? Or why not?

The Good Samaritan does take a risk not only to themselves but the victim(s) if they have to move them for safety reasons and something happens further to them. However, they are covered by a law. It has been discussed various times in circles of people just chatting as to law enforcement creating a law for people to be forced to help others. My opinion is that it will never happen because it’s not a legal issue, but a moral one or one of fear for one’s safety.

What are your thoughts on this subject? With all of the crime we see in our world today, you must have an opinion or an experience you’ve had. Please share it with us below.

Have a great day and stay safe!



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  1. Dear Gippy,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m glad you liked my Bon Voyage party.
    In response to what you wrote, I think your daughter is a hero. I agree we should get involved and not have a selfish world.


    • Hi Janice,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I agree that my daughter is a hero, as well as the man who helped her. I too wish others would not stand by and watch people suffer, but try to help.

      I’ve been following your blogs through my email, and thank you for sharing so much. It’s very helpful. Have a wonderful trip! We expect info and maybe some photos?


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