Last Excerpt of Web of Destruction


This is the 4th & last excerpt of Chapter One of my novel, Web of Destruction . . .  You can read the first three chapters on Amazon for free. Just click the top, right corner of my book.


 ~FOUR ~


In the bathroom, she [Dana] threw cold water on her face. When she glanced into the cracked mirror, the shock of the contusions and swelling horrified her. She looked down to a bar of soap on a filthy tub. The dried blood filling the cut above her left eyebrow into her eyelid looked bad. With the realization that the blood may protect the gash, she left it alone. Her other eyelid began to show some bruising, and her cheek puffed out.

A table in the corner held a pitcher of water, a plastic glass and a box of crackers. She slid out the tiny drawer attached. A large cockroach ran and she slammed it shut. Shivering, she searched the ceiling and corners for other bugs, wishing she had anxiety medicine with her.

Wistful, she pictured her son’s sweet face, her sore chest filled with pride. In September, he would study at The Academy of Art in Philadelphia, a dream for which they both worked tirelessly. Exhausted and unsteady, her vision blurred, and the cramping still strong, she dropped onto the dirty cot, nodding off again.

A gigantic dark spider dropped onto her face, startling her awake. Flinching, she waved her arms. A few seconds later she realized that it had been a dream, with no idea how long she had slept. A tiny light hung on one wall, but the corners of the room were dark. The rumble of thunder chilled her bones and reminded her of a murder mystery she had recently viewed.

“Come, Peaches. We’ve walked enough today.”

Dana rushed to the wall and climbed onto a stool in front of the fan to darkness.

“Hello,” she yelled. “Can you help me, please? Hello? Is anyone there?”

The squeak of the trap door almost caused her to fall off the stool. After a race to the bed, she faced the wall hoping he might forget the ropes and cuffs.

Without a word, he grabbed her wrists and tied them behind her, securing her to the pipe with the ropes. When his cell phone rang, he glanced at it and turned toward the stairs.

“Please, don’t leave me like this, Michael,” she pleaded, hopeful that if she sounded personal he might concede. “How could I escape?”

“Hold on,” he said into his cell. He turned back. “Trust is what I need from you. I’ll release you when I return at three o’clock, which is when you will join me upstairs in my bed. I expect you will be well-rested.” His one eyebrow raised into the shape of a bird. “My needs will be fulfilled before you begin painting.” Illuminating his flashlight toward the stairs, he reached up and turned off the small wall light before running up and latching the door.

To cry out was her first impulse since he had forgotten to tape her mouth. Inhaling, she talked herself into silence until his tires screeched as the truck took off down the street. Heat settled into her cheeks. She focused on an escape plan. The second she could no longer hear the Chevy motor, she screamed. Frantic, she tugged at the rope, desperate to free herself before his return.     END of Chapter One

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