A Self-Publishing Novice’s Journey (blindfolded) . .


As some of you may already know, I just published my first suspense novel. Lightening-free-license-CCStory ideas are plentiful in my always active imagination. Actually, writing the book seemed to flow until the characters took over, then it took a life of its own, and I just typed. I find writing relaxing. Having so many new friends in my brain all the time can be trying though. But it is part of the journey. I’m basically a plot person, then the characters fall into place. I start typing only after months of having the story brewing in my mind until I have the beginning, the crime(s), and the ending, which I learned can change at any time. Silly me to think that I was writing the book.

Next, I start searching for visuals—magazines, photographs around the house, or other people’s houses, any that might resemble the characters in my head. I paste them on a very large chalk board, along with a name for each and jot down their jobs, age, physical description, etc. Next, I go into their heads for who they really are in the story. I add locations that I’ll use in the book, such as, where crimes happen. Then, I am ready to begin typing. So, that’s my writing process, just in case anyone cares or I become famous someday!

Then the nightmare starts. After the many months of self-editing my manuscript, searching for a good editor, trying to decide among the many self-publishing companies sending me information, while making an attempt to keep up with social media, I came to my senses. Fortunately, I was very familiar with Writer’s Relief, had won a prize of a box full of literary publications a few years back for something I wrote, and had just discovered they now have self-publishing. My decision was finally made.

In college again, this time for a BS in Criminal Justice and only two or so years into it, plus a great family I’m addicted to and love to be with, it was the best decision I could have made. I can’t tell you how much pressure was relieved from every muscle in my body—especially the brain. Not only did they help me go from baby steps in publishing to being an author, they have taught me so much along the way just by their professionalism, knowledge, warmth, and availability. I can’t say enough about them. Because of Writer’s Relief Self-Publishing, I’ve had the time to continue writing my second suspense novel, and have the first book in my hands.

So, please check it out on Amazon.com—Web of Destruction by me–Gippy Adams Henry. I love fiction, and I love to write!  Kindle or print, I hope you enjoy it!

Next week, I’ll talk a bit more about Web of Destruction with a peek into the book.

Thanks for your time and have a great week, Gippy!


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