SECRETS ONLY DESTROY LIVES . . .My book cover Web of Destruction

Web of Destruction is the title of my first Suspense, Mystery, Crime Novel. It’s fast-moving and will keep you on the edge of your seat, even through all the twists and turns to an astonishing ending. I began this book, as I do all of my writing, creating it in my head for months before ever typing a word. By then, I already have the beginning and the ending. As I type toward the middle, it seems to take a life of its own. I’ve heard long-time writers state that and thought it odd, until I experienced it. Some of the characters end up being someone I don’t recognize by the end of the book, they change so much. That is the one situation in life where I don’t mind losing control.

This book begins with a crime in the center of the city in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and ends at the Jersey shore. During that time, there’s new life, many lives are changed and some are lost. I promise you an exciting journey even during what you may think are the calm periods.

This blurb seems to reveal a lot, but it doesn’t cover half of it . . .

In a Philadelphia parking garage, thirty-nine-year-old artist Dana Donato is attacked and abducted. Badly beaten by her muscular assailant and locked in a basement prison, Dana escapes and is taken to the hospital. The medical exam reveals surprising news—Dana is three months pregnant. Fearing for the safety of herself and her loved ones, Dana decides not to tell her fiancé, Nick, about the attack or her pregnancy. Because, while the attack seemed random, Dana’s assailant has only begun to torment her. He soon reveals he knows Dana’s secrets—secrets she’s kept locked away. Somehow, he even knows details about the house she grew up in. When Dana and Nick’s townhouse is ransacked, her paintings are stolen, and a friend is murdered, Dana suspects her attacker has become more brazen…and more deadly. As Dana tries to stay one step ahead of the violent psychopath haunting her every move, the secrets she has been keeping soon multiply beneath the lies she tells to protect her friends and family. When Dana finally realizes the only way to stop her stalker from harming her son is to reveal the shocking truths she’s been hiding, the past will collide with the present in ways no one could have foreseen.

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